Approved by NCTE & Affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

Recognized under Section 2(f) of UGC Act,1956

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Students:

  • No posters are to be pasted or fixed with cello tape anywhere on the Institute walls. Any writing, scribbling on the walls will attract disciplinary measures against the student.
  • Smoking, chewing and spitting tobacco products, consumption of alcohol or narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited inside the Institute premises. Violation of this rule will invite disciplinary action. The Institute premises is a smoking free zone, respect it.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate this rule. It is mandatory for all students and guardians to sign an affidavit in the Performa prescribed by the Institute.
  • Students are expected to treat the members of the staff both teaching and non teaching and their fellow students with courtesy both in and outside the institute. Students shall not, by their act or conduct, cause damage to the reputation of the institution.
  • Students should carefully follow the Notices put up on the Notice Board. No excuse will be considered if Notices on the Board are ignored.
  • Use of Mobile Phone during class hours is prohibited and is liable for punishment.
  • Students must be punctual and regular in attending classes, tutorials, class tests examinations etc. Failure to obtain the required attendance percentage, non-submission of assignments and unjustified absence from tests /examinations will be treated as breaching the code of conduct.
  • Students must refrain from mishandling and tampering with library books or Institute’s computer systems.
  • The right to access Girl’s Common Room is reserved to girls.
  • A student shall not commit or cause breach of peace inside and around the institute.
  • Students are prohibited from indulging in gambling, even in small groups, anywhere in the Institute premises.
  • Students’ attendance in the following institute functions is mandatory in Annual prize distribution day, PTA Meeting, Sports Day, and other institute events.
  • Students are expected to obtain clearance from the institute before the University examination on the basis of their attendance record and participation in the activities of the Institute. 
  • Students not attending classes for more than four consecutive weeks must inform the Principal/Teacher In-charge in writing or else their names shall be struck off the rolls of the institute.
  • Application for leave is to be made in advance and submitted to the principal. In case of illness, application for leave along with a medical certificate (Issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner) signed by a parent and counter signed by concerned teachers should be submitted within "one week" of re-joining the Institute.
  • Any act of moral turpitude is an offence under law.

Code of Conduct for Teachers:

  • All the teachers must be punctual, sincere and regular in their approach and devote their time and their best efforts for the progress of the Institute.
  • All members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching must use bio-metric machine to punch & sign regularly in the attendance register of the institute.
  • Take leave as per rules with prior intimation, keeping in view their particular responsibility for completion of academic schedule.
  • The duties assigned to teachers consist of lectures/ practical/ tutorials in the allocated workload of the individual teacher, are mandatory. In addition, they have to undertake responsibilities of conducting evaluation and invigilation, administrative work, providing counseling to students and participating in extra-curricular activities and institutional support activities as required.
  • All members of the staff shall refrain from verbal, non-verbal or physical misconduct of a sexual nature in their interactions with students, other Institute staff, and visitors at the Institute. The Institute has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.
  • Maintain active membership in professional organizations through active participations and strive hard to attain the objectives and goals of the institute.
  • Co-operate and assist in carrying out functions relating to the educational responsibilities of the institute and assisting in appraising applications for admission, advising and counseling students as well as assisting the conduct of house examinations, including supervision, invigilation and evaluation.
  • Participate in extension, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including community service.
  • Mentor-Mentee System must be followed by every teacher and should take proper care of their group of students by guiding, motivating, counseling and monitoring them. Each faculty member shall deal impartially with students regardless of their religion, caste, economic, social and physical identity.
  • Recognize the difference in aptitude and capabilities among students and strive to meet their individual needs.
  • Encourage students to improve their achievements, develop their personalities and at the same time contribute to community welfare.
  • Inculcate among students scientific outlook and respect for physical labor and ideals of democracy, patriotism and peace.
  • Participate in programs of professional growth like in-service education and training, seminars, symposia workshops, conferences, self study etc.
  • Co-operate in the formulation of committees of the institute.
  • Work to improve education in the community and strengthen the community's moral and intellectual life.
  • Be aware of social problems and take part in such activities as would be conducive to the progress of society and hence the country as a whole.

Code of Conduct for Administrators:

  • Ensure that all the students, academic employees and supporting staff are dealt with courtesy and respect and uphold the values of the institute. 
  • Be fully conversant with the vision & mission, rules and regulations of the Institute and shall be prepared to implement them.
  • Ensure that the duties assigned to the team members are appropriate to the qualification, experience and skills of the employee.
  • Ensure that the objectives of the Institute are well disseminated across the stakeholders and the activities planned in the institute are towards achieving the targets. 
  • Support the team members with the training needed, to upgrade the skills and also to successfully discharge the responsibilities assigned.
  • Ensure a cordial relationship with the administrative and other non administrative staff for the smooth conduct of the Institute.
  • Be very precise and clear in communicating all the information to the concerned teaching and non teaching members. 
  • Ensure all the expenditures are within the budget approved by the Institute and also ensure that a fair practice is followed in budget allocation. 
  • Exercise caution to avoid favourism and shall not involve or encourage in any kind of activities that cause any disrupt between the team members of the institute.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in resolving any conflict by respecting all parties involved and ensuring that the complaints are well received, studied and all the solutions are well documented.
  • Ensure that they shall not misuse their authoritative powers, which shall affect the reputation of the Institute. 
  • Ensure that the information submitted to the external agencies and other stake holders about the institute is unambiguous and correct.

Code of Conduct for other staff:

  • The normal working period for those in the category of non-teaching staff shall be from 8:00 A.M to 4.00 P.M. with half an hour lunch break (except sweeper & gardener) on all working days.
  • All Staff members should display the highest possible standards of professional behavior. They should be punctual and disciplined towards their work.
  • All other staff member shall maintain the appropriate levels of confidentiality with respect to students and staff records and other sensitive matters.
  • All other staff members must refrain from any form of unlawful discrimination relating to gender/sexuality/age/marital status in their behavior towards their colleagues, teaching staff and students.
  • All members of the staff shall refrain from verbal, non-verbal and/or physical misconduct of a sexual nature in their interactions with students, other college staff, and visitors in the institute.
  • The institute has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.